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Parm Gill

Parm immigrated to Canada at a young age with his family, and resides in Brampton with his wife Amarpal, his two sons, Raman and Daman, and his daughter Parmeet. After completing his studies Parm became involved in a family business. He was first elected to the House of Commons in May 2011 and was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs in September 2013. In January 2015, he was appointed the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade. Parm has also served on a number of Standing Committees including Canadian Heritage, Public Safety and National Security, Health, and Procedure and House Affairs.

The safety and security of our most vulnerable citizens is a priority for Parm. For this reason, in February of 2012, Parm introduced his Private Members Bill, Bill C-394, entitled: An Act to Amend the Criminal Code and National Defence Act (Criminal Organization Recruitment). This Bill received full support from the Conservative Government. Bill C-394 became law on June 19, 2014. This law helps protect our youth from being targeted by gangs, and making our streets, communities and neighbourhoods safer by providing our law enforcement officers and justice officials with additional tools to address the growing concern of gang recruitment head-on.

Parm believes in making our community safer for our children, respecting taxpayers, keeping our government transparent and continuing to make our economy one of the strongest and most stable in the world. Parm continues to be one of the hardest working individuals in politics, striving to contribute to a community and a country that respects the rule of law, economic strength, equality for all, and support for new Canadians. Parm makes it a priority to establish strong ties with all parts of his community through outreach initiatives – striving to be the best representative for the community as a whole and working to resolve the issues that affect Canadians. Parm believes he has a duty to provide the best results for each constituent he represents.

Parm has been heavily involved in our community in support of many wonderful organizations such as the Peel Regional Police, Toys-for-Tots, Amar Karma Organ Donation Society, the Salvation Army, Family Life Resource Centre, Canadian Cancer Society, Champions 4 Change, and the Canadian Eye Sight International.
Parm holds a conception of Canada that is based on providing the best for our citizens. He wants to continue to focus on the economy as we enter our second phase of recovery – to fight for lower taxes for our job-creators and continue to reduce unemployment and increase job growth. Brampton is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and Parm believes, with hard work and dedication, we can continue this trend by providing opportunities and financial security for our residents.

Parm was elected by the great people of Brampton-Springdale and looks forward to working alongside his constituents in the new riding of Brampton-North, as we move forward together.

Latest News

Supporting Canada’s Mining Sector

Responsible resource development creates jobs, fuels growth and promotes prosperity across the country. The mining sector is particularly critical to Canada’s economy with over 380,000 Canadians employed in mining and thousands more employed indirectly. Since 2006, our government has helped to support mining exploration, investment and jobs through the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit. We announced […]


Prime Minister Harper Announces Better Foreign Credential Recognition

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Conservative government will make it faster, fairer and more affordable for new Canadians and Canadians trained abroad to get their foreign credentials recognized in Canada.   “Canada is fortunate to attract hard-working immigrants from around the world who are eager to earn a better life for their families […]


Expanding Broadband to Rural Communities

In today’s digital economy, access to the internet is essential to create jobs, realize economic opportunities and connect Canadians to online services. While Canada is one of the most connected nations in the world, critical gaps in broadband access still exist, particularly in rural and remote areas of the country. Rural Canadians expect and deserve […]


Tax Relief For Service Club Members

A re-elected Conservative government will build on our record of supporting charitable giving and voluntarism by providing tax relief for service club memberships via the Charitable Donations Tax Credit. This new policy will help hundreds of thousands of service club members carry out important work in their communities. Only our party will continue to encourage […]


Prime Minister Harper Announces Tax Relief for Adoptive Families

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Conservative government would help make it more affordable for Canadian parents to adopt children by significantly increasing the value of the Adoption Expense Tax Credit and making it fully refundable.   “Our Conservative government believes that there is no higher calling than that of raising a […]


Making Adoption More Affordable

There is no higher calling than raising a child – and no greater reward. A re-elected Conservative government will help Canadian parents who adopt children by significantly increasing the value of the Adoption Expense Tax Credit, raising the maximum amount to $20,000 and making it fully refundable. Every year, thousands of Canadian families are transformed […]



Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Conservative government will further cut red tape so that small businesses and entrepreneurs can spend more time serving Canadian consumers and less time on checking bureaucratic boxes.   “When small business owners spend less of their time and money on red tape, Canada sees economic growth […]



Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that a re-elected Harper Government would make “Life Means Life” legislation its top justice priority in a new parliamentary session.   “Canadians expect their government to protect them from the worst type of criminals,” said Prime Minister Harper.  “That’s why our government introduced Life Means Life legislation, and that’s […]


Harper announces expansion of Canadian Armed Forces Reserves

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced a suite of measures to strengthen the Canadian Armed Forces reserve force in order to better protect Canada’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to deepen the connection between the Canadian Armed Forces and Canadian communities.   “Our Government has made the rebuilding of the Canadian military a priority since […]



Today Prime Minister Stephen Harper set out his plan to encourage affordable home ownership for young Canadian families.   “Investing in a home is an exciting milestone for young families, but is also a major financial decision,” said Prime Minister Harper.  “We want to continue supporting Canadian families in achieving their homeownership goals.”   The […]


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Brampton North

Boundaries Description: Consisting of that part of the Regional Municipality of Peel comprised of that part of the City of Brampton described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the northwesterly limit of said city with Bramalea Road; thence southeasterly along said road to Sandalwood Parkway East; thence northeasterly along said parkway to Torbram Road; thence southeasterly along said road to Williams Parkway East; thence southwesterly along said parkway to Highway No. 410; thence northwesterly along said highway to Bovaird Drive East; thence southwesterly along said drive to Hurontario Street; thence northwesterly along said street to Wanless Drive; thence southwesterly along said drive to the Orangeville-Brampton Railway; thence northwesterly along said railway to the northwesterly limit of said city; thence generally northeasterly along said limit to the point of commencement.

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  • Population: 111,951

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